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Philatelic News Letter of
Bangladesh National Philatelic Association
Member of  Bangladesh Philatelic Federation.
Philatelic News Letter of
Bangladesh National   Philatelic Association
Member: Bangladesh Philatelic Federation.


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Text Box: VOL.  16   NO.   1                                                                                      January 2003                                                   



E d i t o r i a l

Bangladesh National Philatelic Association, the oldest existing philatelic association of the country has entered in to the 25th year of formation. Since its formation, BNPA is trying to enhance philately in Bangladesh. To achieve this goal, we have arranged In the past years it has served the philatelists of the country by various sorts of activities, like arranging 18 philatelic exhibitions, 7 philatelic weeks, 193 philatelic auctions, organizing philatelic orientation course for new philatelists, arranging seminars on various philatelic topics, publication of books and catalogues, best stamp poll etc. We have pioneered in the formation of Bangladesh Philatelic Federation and gaining its FIAP membership. Now our collectors can take part in international philatelic exhibitions easily through our own national commissioner. Mr. Monirul Islam represented Bangladesh in the “Phila Korea 2002”. We got cordial support from the greater mass of our collectors and their enthusiastic participation in all our activities. It would be simply impossible to run an organization for so long without such support. Bangladesh Post Office also helped us in various ways. We wish to express our thanks to all of them and wish to get similar cooperation in years to come. Bangladesh National Philatelic Association has decided to arrange year long programme to celebrate the Silver Jubilee (1978 – 2003 ). We invite all our Bangladeshi collectors to take part and enjoy these programmes.

Bangladesh Post Office has taken initiative to organize Banglapex 2003. We wish all the success for the organizers.


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